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As the leader in Endpoint physical security for classified networks, Trusted Systems recognizes the contributions of the following organizations to advance the state of security in each of their respective segments of the industry. 

In the march to counter the ever-broadening spectrum of threats to our classified networks, Trusted Systems proudly partners with companies capable of providing integral components to assist us in responding to growing security needs with comprehensive solutions.


Network Integrity Systems

When considering a comprehensive security solution that includes protecting the classified communications fiber cabling in a secure compound/facility, the strategy must include the 24/7 monitoring and automated alarm capabilities of Network Integrity’s INTERCEPTOR Optical Intrusion Detection System.

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Interceptor provides a multi-layered approach to network security, including real-time threat detection, prevention, and response.

With advanced threat intelligence and behavior-based analysis, Interceptor can detect and block known and unknown threats before they can cause damage.

Interceptor’s automated incident response capabilities allow for immediate action to be taken in response to potential threats, minimizing the risk of data breaches and other cyber attacks.

Interceptor leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the security process, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving the accuracy and speed of threat detection and response.

Interceptor is designed for easy deployment and integration into existing security infrastructures, with minimal disruption to operations.

Interceptor’s intuitive dashboard provides centralized management of security events, enabling security teams to quickly identify and respond to potential threats across the entire network.

Interceptor is scalable to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from small, highly-secure intelligence installations to large government/defense facilities.

Interceptor helps organizations subject to CCRIs (Command Cyber Readiness Inspections) pass the first time, every time! 

Network Integrity Systems provides 24/7 support for Interceptor, ensuring that organizations can get help whenever they need it.

Interceptor has a proven track record of protecting organizations from threats with a 99.99% detection rate and zero false positives.

Privoro is the world leader in zero trust mobile hardware systems, audio protection and passive RF attenuation. 

The ubiquitous presence of the beloved smartphone has made it the perfect accomplice for bad actors who wish to leverage the sensitive microphone, sophisticated cameras, and onboard GPS for remote surveillance while going undetected. 

Growing awareness of the advanced capabilities of Pegasus spyware has dialed up the urgency for a reliable, compliant solution to secure our phones.

Privoro’s SafeCase is a Smartphone-coupled hardware device that integrates audio masking and camera blocking to prevent remote access by malicious actors.


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SafeCase™ is a groundbreaking electronic wraparound companion for smartphones that provides a secure platform for building features and services.

Anti-Surveillance features built into the SafeCase protect against hijacking of a smartphone’s cameras and microphones, ensuring that audio and visual data in the phone’s vicinity are not captured by third parties.

SafeCase uses a patented audio masking technique that masks each of the smartphone’s microphones with randomized noise, making captured conversations unidentifiable with even the most sensitive audio forensic equipment.

SafeCase incorporates a physical barrier that blocks each of the smartphone’s cameras, preventing image capture.  This barrier smoothly slides up and down whether activated for secure mode or deactivated for normal use. 

SafeCase has been designed to be functionally independent of a user’s smartphone, thereby mitigating risks associated with relying on any part of an untrusted, commercial smartphone for protection.

The high-security architecture of SafeCase limits interaction to only approved, vetted, and signed software, making it more secure than commercial smartphones that run millions of different third-party apps.

SafeCase is currently compatible with iPhone 7/8/12 and Galaxy S21 models, but future editions will be compatible with additional models. Core electronics and firmware are designed to be directly transferable to future editions, with changes only required for plastics to accommodate the smartphone’s shape and camera/microphone locations.

With audio and video protections engaged, the user maintains full use of the majority of their phone’s features and apps. The user can disengage protections for phone calls, audio/image capture, and usage of the phone’s virtual assistant simply by raising the adjustable hood.

The user can verify that both audio and video protections are working by recording a short video while the hood is both raised and lowered. The portion captured when the hood was lowered should include a black image output and a scrambled audio output.

SafeCase includes its own secure, cloud-based management infrastructure, allowing administrators to push out firmware updates and perform other management tasks. In addition, SafeCase integrates with the Fulcrum governance platform mobile device management (MDM), giving administrators the ability to ensure that users’ cameras and microphones are not exposed in specified situations.

SafeCase does not stop a smartphone from being hacked, protect against attacks via RF signals, make encrypted phone calls, protect the smartphone from drops and falls, or charge the smartphone. It is designed solely to provide a high-security platform for building features and services on a smartphone.

Intelligent Devices

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