The other day, I was driving along, listening to an interview on the radio, when the subject of security at the Sochi Olympics came up.

My ears perked up for two reasons.  First, the topic of security is one that is near and dear to my heart and business, which is a reason I am always open to new perspectives and ideas.  The other reason was because the guest being interviewed happened to be a good friend of mine.

The gentleman who was being interviewed is an ex-Secret Service Agent and reigning expert on the subject of security, as well as, the host of his own radio-talk show, and currently, a Congressional candidate from Maryland, Dan Bongino.  Dan had just been asked about the effectiveness of the “Iron Ring” of 30,000 troops that Putin had put around the Olympic venue at Sochi, to protect against potential terrorist threats.  His response struck me like a thunderbolt…

“Access control devices do NOT equate to security control devices.”

Dan’s comments were concise, profound, and right on target.  The point being that just a ring of protection doesn’t necessarily cover threats that may emanate from sleeper cells or rogue terrorists already inside Sochi, or other orchestrated threats to softer targets outside the ring, such as, transportation hubs throughout Russia for those traveling to and from Sochi. 

secured perimeter, may afford you access control, but it does not provide the seamless security control…

This situation is analogous to that which currently faces network security, and paraphrases the same argument I have used for years in promoting our Trusted Layer Zero solution to policy makers on network infrastructure protection.  Just having a SCIF, or secured perimeter, may afford you “access control”, but it does not provide the seamless “security control” necessary to protect against all threats, inside and out.

When it comes to network infrastructure protection, software security only protects from the inside, out, while physical security protects from the outside, in.  But, what has been missing is a holistic web of layered, overlapping physical security countermeasures that spans from the user desktop all the way to the cloud.  Attention has been focused mostly on software and cyber security, as it should be, but the continuing weak link in the chain is still the lack of robust, integrated physical security.  For the last several years, this weakness has been the focus here at Trusted Systems.

Thank you, Dan… the more people who are alerted to potential vulnerabilities that face the nation from all venues – whether a terrorist threat against those attending the Sochi Olympics, or to our networks at home and abroad – the more informed and prepared we become as a nation to defend ourselves and avoid that slippery slope of complacency and neglect.