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Peace of Mind is Our Business

“Established in 1986, Trusted Systems, Inc. pioneered the IPS Classified Security Container and remains the industry leader in the development and worldwide deployment of advanced solutions for physical data security.

Trusted Systems is an all-American, “active duty” company dedicated to supporting those who defend our national security and freedoms.  As a mission-driven company, we create the highest performing solutions that enable secured, controlled access to classified networks, worldwide.

When it comes to your data protection, it is the decades of innovation, technical superiority, and excellence in workmanship that ensures a lasting solution with which you can be confident. At Trusted Systems, compromise is not an option, because Peace of Mind is our Business.”

Bob Bauman

Company Milestones – A History of Being “First”

Today’s IPS container designs were developed more from stages of evolution, as needs and capabilities changed, rather than a revolution in design. Discovering a need for such a device while working with Los Alamos Labs, Bob Bauman formalized a foundation so enduring, the ancestral design elements are still recognizable in the modern IPS containers.
Mr. Bauman’s early designs for an IPS container offered validity for the benefits of a scaled-down SCIF. His conviction of the industry’s need, and his confidence in the design, compelled him to form Trusted Systems in 1988, and begin a campaign to prove the concept’s worthiness.

Dimensional requirements broadened as device acceptance and adoption expanded into a wider range of office environments. As the demand increased for the data security offered by IPS containers, the product family grew to include devices scaled for specific application and fitment.