Lost in BFE...
On Purpose

When mission success relies on signature management, Privoro’s stealth solutions keep you in the dark.

When You Must Disappear :

Phone Signature Management Keeps you in the Dark



Top-of-the-line solution for when the mission depends on Going Dark. The chip-level control of cameras/microphones & radio signals ensures when you need to get lost, you are.



Chip-level control of the phone's radio signals to prevent tracking & hacking in addition to the anti-surveillance audio masking & camera blocking.



A portable, smartphone compatible Faraday enclosure that prevents surveillance by blocking the camera and masking the audio.

Sensitive/Classified Areas Prohibit Phones, Until Now...

SafeCase CRBN™ Anti-Surveillance Phone Case

Smartphone compatible anti-surveillance phone case with audio masking & physical camera shield, when activated.

Privoro's SafeCase CRBN
Tactical Operations with no digital signature

Tactical Military Operations

Privoro's top-tier mobile devices prevent unauthorized tracking to keep the team in the dark. Device signatures are minimized or obscured ensuring operational integrity is maintained.

Diplomatic Missions

Diplomatic Missions & Negotiations

Diplomats and statesmen traveling abroad can rest easy knowing their mobile phone is protected by the latest technology to implement anti-surveillance and anti-tracking countermeasures.

Boardrooms and SCIFs

SCIFs or Boardrooms

We all want our phones with us. The only solution to allow this convenience in sensitive areas while maintaining compliance and ensuring the security of high-level information is with Privoro's anti-surveillance phone cases with audio masking and camera blocking features.

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