Pegasus: Can a Beast be Tamed

Storytellers have delighted early audiences with tales of a winged stallion that carried heroes to confront challenges and achieve legendary feats. Its name, Pegasus, became synonymous with miracles, extraordinary power, and boundless freedom. Today, however, the utterance of 'Pegasus' is no longer about celestial flight but about a covert infiltration into our digital lives, turning our most personal devices against us in a story that's as real as it is chilling.

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SIPRGuard User Authentication

SIPRGuard User Authentication Multi-Factor Authentication for Classified Networks SIPRGuard: The New Standard for Security and Convenience Desktop User Access Control System Secures the Last 6 feet to the Desktop SIPRGuard streamlines network access from the desktop without compromising security, convenience or performance.SIPRGuard uses two-factor (PIN & Fingerprint) authentication to connect the desktop KVM and Ethernet devices to the network equipment…

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IPS Accessories

IPS Accessories Trusted Systems Certified Customizing Accessories Easily Configured to Your Specifications Trusted Systems offers a complete line of options and accessories designed to optimize functionality and performance of your IPS Container. Gallery Factory Installed Options Accessories Factory Installed Options IPS 2.0 with SafeGuard Roll-out Rack Frames Slide-out Racks PDS Conduit Junction Boxes Enlarged Cable Entry Red-Black Separation TEMPEST Enclosure…

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TEMPEST Shielded IPS Enclosure

TEMPEST NSA Compliant EMI/RFI Shielding TEMPEST IPS Container (TIPS) Trusted Systems produces a Full TEMPEST IPS (TIPS) Container for the shielding of non-TEMPEST rack mounted electronics in high threat classified applications. It combines the physical protection of the IPS Security Container with the highest performance shielding available in a TEMPEST enclosure.The TIPS Container provides broadband EMI/RFI protection for the entire…

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Secure Computer Cabinets

Trusted Systems Secure Computer Cabinets Prevent Theft, Vandalism, and Unauthorized Data Access Is your PC safe? If not, is the data worth protecting in 100-pounds of welded steel?  Protect your vital CPUs and servers   Provide secure, unattended operation   Prevent unauthorized access to USB ports & hard drives   Tamper-evident finish reveals attempts of covert access   Quiet, thermostat-controlled cooling regulates temperature…

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Incognito Concealed Workstations

Incognito We Put the 'Class' in Classified What is 'Incognito'? Incognito is a custom built, fully functional classified workstation camouflaged to match its surroundings. The Incognito Classified Workstation is designed to conceal the IPS Container, classified IT equipment and the presence of a classified communications node or connection. It’s a security countermeasure to conceal classified activity from prying eyes of guests or uncleared co-workers. This is especially…

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SafeGuard IPS Security

SafeGuard IPS Container Monitor 24/7 Real-Time Intrusion Protection Gallery What is SafeGuard? SafeGuard is the next generation of physical protection for classified networks, transforming the IPS Container from a standalone facility-based container to a network-centric security appliance.  SafeGuard integrates intrusion protection into the IPS Container itself: a continuous, real-time, IP addressable monitor and alarm for the IPS lock, door and connected cables.Each critical…

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